Do exactly as you’re told – An introduction

28 01 2010

On February the 1st 2010 I’m going to start a project.

I’m going to try and live a whole month abiding by every law, every government guideline and every piece of official advice I can find.

First off why? Well, I’ll be straight, I’d just like to see what happens. I don’t have some kind of anarchist agenda and I don’t want to smash the state. Nor do I have a dyed in the wool belief that we’re all inherently sensible and can be left completely to our own devices. I am however really interested in how we behave with and without rules. Where does personal responsibility come into it? Why do we obey them and why do we break them? Is it actually good for us to play by the rules and even is it possible to do so?

Will I be healthier, happier, fitter and better balanced or just become indescribably dull?

I’m going to keep a regular blog documenting how I’m getting on and whether I think my self-imposed goody two shoes status is doing me good or bad. I’ll also be tweeting regularly at I’ve created a separate page on rules where you can find out all the gory detail of how I’m going to put this together. Just as a caveat, I’m fully aware that this is a very Morgan Spurlock style project. I’m quite happy to have that comparison made, but to be honest, a month is just a decent length of time for an experiment like this. And anyway I work in advertising so it’s not theft, it’s ‘un homage’




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