It begins…

31 01 2010

The calm before the storm. It’s Sunday night and from midnight tonight I’ll be living under the regime of every rule and regulation I can find.

Although it’s clear what the nature of this challenge is, I want to flesh out a bit of detail on what it actually entails. I’m committed to abiding by every regulation or rule I know of. There are three key areas where rules and recommendations are prevalent and where the focus is naturally going to be.

The first is health. That means 2,500 calories a day, three-four units of alcohol, five portions of fruit and veg and all the recommended daily amounts of nutrient and vitamins. It also means a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise a day. Although I had a pretty good idea about these things, I decided to do some research to make sure I had all the info. To be honest it was more difficult than I expected to find clear detail on what I should and shouldn’t be doing. The NHS choices website was pretty helpful but nowhere was there really clear guidance from official sources in an easily accessible place. Not something I expected. I’ll also be playing by the rules at work, which means things like taking screen breaks every 20 minutes and highlighting any health and safety breaches. Really looking forward to that.

The second area is transport and getting about. That’s everything from the highway code to not putting my feet on train seats. I’m especially apprehensive about remembering to use zebra crossings and not running red lights on my bike. I’m going to need to break a lot of ingrained habits.

The third is environment. Turning the heating down, recycling, cutting out short car journeys, choosing sustainable products. I’m pretty good on this already but will be interested to see how I cope as I find out more.

I’m conscious that to the outside viewer these might seem a little tame but I’m actually genuinely nervous. I’m really concerned about being hungry and I’m definitely not sure I’m going to be able to keep on top of getting all the right food groups and nutrients. I’m also worried not drinking is going to reveal me as the boring chatless bastard I’ve long suspected I am.

I’ll provide a daily update that tracks a few key measures. These will be:

  • Weight
  • Body fat %
  • Frustration factor out of ten (just how difficult has it been to get through the day)
  • Infractions (hopefully zero but I’ll be honest if I break the rules)
  • Wellbeing (how I feel, general mood. Subjective I know but important)

To try and put this into context I’ve fleshed out the ‘about me’ page on the blog so anyone following the experiment can get a sense of what the baselines are.

Wish me luck.




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