Day one

1 02 2010

State sponsored terror

I’m at the end of day one and I’ve made it through. I found the hardest thing was walking to work. Getting to a junction and having to wait for the green man was frustrating. Waiting whilst there’s no traffic and watching people stream past me made me feel like a total fucking lemon. On my walk home I made a conscious effort to select a route with fewer pedestrian crossings, I needed to take back control. After careful research I can tell you that the South side of Euston Rd is significantly better than the North.

On the plus side I did start finding that I was noticing things more. OK, mostly things opposite pedestrian crossings but still, interesting all the same. One worrying thing was when there weren’t any instructions. One set of lights were broken and I had a terrifying moment with neither red nor green man, paralysed without clear direction.

The thing I was really scared about, keeping to 2,500 calories was actually surprisingly easy. I’ve downloaded a superb app – ‘My Fitness Pal’ – it’s free and basically gives you a diary and database of different foods. It’s crowdsourced, so as soon as you add the details for a new food everyone can add it at one touch. I’ve even finished the day with 400 calories to spare.

I’ve also got an NHS drinks tracker. One small glass of wine this evening took me close to the limit. I think that’s going to be tough as the project goes on.

I’ve added a series of new rules today after coming across them or having them suggested by ‘helpful’ friends and colleagues. The first is a new dental routine using interdental brushes. Recommended above flossing apparently, they look quite a lot like torture rods to me. Aside from this I also now need to:

  • Regularly check my bank account
  • Ensure I’m getting the best deal on my investments by shopping around
  • Take an FSA (money not food) financial healthcheck
  • Ensure my toothpaste has 1,350ppm of flouride
  • Adjust my posture at work so the screen is level with my eyes
  • Take screen breaks every 20 minutes

Some of this stuff is a one off but some of it I need to do ‘regularly’. OK, what does that actually mean? For the sake of my sanity I’m not going to shop around for investments every day but playing by the rules means ambiguous instructions like ‘regularly’ rapidly get annoying.

So here’s a round up of the day:

Food – I’m inside the rules on everything apart from sugars. I haven’t eaten sweets or biscuits so that seems to have come from just eating normal food. Gutting, I’ll need to keep an eye on that tomorrow or this is going to get expensive.

Weight: 14st 5

Body fat: 20%

Frustration: 7 (traffic lights and missing the sugars target mostly)

Infractions: 1

Wellbeing: 6 (7 until I found out about the sugars)




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