Day 3 – Slough

3 02 2010

Junctions for people, Slough people

Today I went to Slough. Despite my best efforts I couldn’t find any government recommendations against it. This required two train and two tube journeys. I’ve got the tube nailed, had some fun as I ‘took extra care in wet weather’ but nothing that eventful. Getting through Paddington was a bit of a challenge, late for a train and attempting not to run on a platform led to some world class mince-o-walking. Move over Rhino man.

As we got off the train we saw our target, an office across a busy four way junction. I’ve come to dread them as it usually means a long wait in front of helpful drivers gently motioning the slow lad in the safety armband to cross. So you’ll understand my surprise as we approached the junction and a series of three lights changed in sequence to let us cross. This junction seemed to have some intelligent traffic lights that monitored the flow of pedestrians and adjusted the light phasing accordingly. Having whinged about the fact that London street management isn’t built to cope with user flow, I found myself in quiet awe. Human-centred design at it’s best. Slough, I salute you.

I went to meet a colleague for lunch. Restaurant meals are bad as you can imagine. I’ve started to select from menus on the basis of knowing that I’ll find a supermarket equivalent to use for calorie and nutrient info. Sort of defeats the object of going out to be honest. Despite doing this I still had an hour’s research and plenty of maths to get everything recorded. It was a tasty 5/8 of a four inch chorizo but small tip: If you like to measure your food, tapas fucks you up.

In other news I was able to clarify sugar guidelines. I can bust the 70g limit with whole fruit like oranges and apples. You get them for free. (No smoothies or juices.) I’m going to stick to the calorie guidelines though as I couldn’t find any reference to that. A run this evening gave me some extra to play with so for the third day in a row I’ve ended up under target without being starving or suicidal.

The biggest challenge today was a different system. Traffic lights in Slough have a signal just above the button and nothing on the opposite side of the road. In just three days I’ve become so conditioned to look for the green man on the opposite side that I felt really weird crossing. I actually had to force myself to go and it took three or four double takes just to make sure. I think I’m pretty good coping with change, I usually just get on with it so feeling like that took me well out of my comfort zone.

Tomorrow’s big challenge is a night out with some old school friends. Generally no quarter given for abstainers.

Stats for the day:

Weight: 14st 2lb

Body fat: 19.9%

Frustration: 5 (Couldn’t really relax at lunch knowing every bite meant research and potentially no dinner)

Infractions: 2.5 (I went for a run without my safety band but have emulsion white pasty legs so reckon that was OK)

Wellbeing: 6 (Sense of wanting the project to be over creeping in and tired on my run)

New rules today:

  • Will now catch it, kill it and bin it to prevent transmission of swine flu
  • Use different chopping boards for cooked and uncooked food
  • Wash and replace tea towels and kitchen sponges regularly (that word again) Just in case anyone thinks I’m a slob I do this anyway but have done that specifically today
  • Checked the fridge is at 0-5 degrees c



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