Day 4 – Booze

4 02 2010

If I'm allowed 3-4 units I'm damn well having them

What I’d consider to be my first really big challenge today – a night out.

I met up with some friends from school for a drink. One of them has been living abroad for a while and was in town for a pretty rare visit so I didn’t want to miss out. I’ve done a stint off drink before but I was training for the marathon at the time and didn’t really go out so it was easier. I’m allowed 3-4 units a day which roughly translates to a pint and half of anything decent or two pints of undrinkable donkey piss.

It’s been a fairly busy day and catching up was fun so the first one slipped down a treat. Without thinking I found myself wanting another. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no alky but the feeling of not being able to have another drink, of being constrained, was unpleasant. The friends I was with kindly held back. This raised an interesting thought. Were they holding back to be nice, not something either of them is known for, or just because my abstinence steered our evening that way? I’ve actually noticed something similar crossing the road. I’ll be waiting and people will move as if to dash across, then look at me waiting and hesitate. They usually go but it’s as if me standing there makes them feel slightly less sure about crossing. Do I know something they don’t? Probably a Phd in there somewhere.

I settled on another pint of ale and poured half into their glasses. That meant I kept to the limit but was spared the ignominy of drinking from a half pint glass. On top of the epic slating we always have about who did what to which girl at the Valentines Ball/Leavers Ball/CCF camp and how many years she’s been in rehab/prison/the benefits office since, that would have been too much.

The pic attached to this post is from the NHS Choices drinks tracker app I’m using. Great little piece of technology that lets you record your drinks from a menu and keep an eye on things over time. I certainly admire them for putting it together but I can’t see it being used much by anyone other than weirdos like me doing projects like this or students competing to see who can get the bar off the top of the chart. Would you actually use it? 3-4 units is so little it should be blindingly obvious when you’re exceeding it.

Anyway my minimal sugar intake seems to be making me massively sleepy so on to the stats:

Weight: 14st 3lb

Body fat: 17.8%

Frustration: 5 (hungry today and wanted more beer)

Infractions: 2.5

Wellbeing: 6 (tired mostly)

New rules today: (just one but having told friends about the project in the pub their eyes lit up with glee, so I expect a series of painful new additions soon)

  • Ensuring I drink 1.2 litres of water a day



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