Day 5 – Inadvisable internet use

6 02 2010

Internet use can be bad for your sanity

A Friday. Normally the sort of day where cakes start making an appearance in the office or we down tools for a beer and work chat in the afternoon. All a bit busy today though, which helped.

I noticed a couple of weird things today. I’ve started to get bad skin. Not something I’ve ever really had before, even as a teenager. I’m clearly eating well so I wonder if it’s stress. OK, I acknowledge that stress from this is a very first world problem but there is this kind of baseline anxiety. I can’t just relax and enjoy a meal. I have to be consistently on my guard lest I amble dreamily over the yellow line and I have to focus to remember all the elements that now make up my daily routine.

I’ve also noticed weird things happening with my concentration. It’s coming in bursts. I’m able to focus really well (better than normal) for a while then not at all, then it comes back again. I thought taking regular screen breaks might affect my work but that’s been fine. Mysterious.

I’m at my parents to stay for the weekend. Food should be easy enough but I’ll be out of my regular routine so need to concentrate more. We’re also celebrating my engagement and I feel a bit like I’m cheating them by not scarfing down champagne. It’s reminded me that this is of course a desperately self-absorbed project so thanks to everyone who is helping and particularly to Liz for putting up with me, particularly having to spend time with someone who is starting to look increasingly like a freak.

And on that note I made the foolish error of looking at the government’s Change for Life website today. Ostensibly I was trying to find out why there seem to be three independent government teams/programmes across two departments doing pretty much the same thing with regard to food and healthy living. (I will come back to this point. I’m over 30 now so I can start having rants about wasting taxpayers money.) What I actually ended up doing was learning dance moves with Diversity from Britain’s got Talent.

I’m trying desperately to avoid government websites to prevent this sort of thing. I’ve become a master at scrolling quickly to avoid the immortal words ‘You should try…’

Today’s stats:

Weight N/A – (Mum and Dad don’t have scales)

Body fat N/A – (Mum and Dad don’t have magic scales)

Frustration – 5 (Getting a bit forgetful but no biggies today)

Infractions – 2.5

Wellbeing – 7 (I’m getting the hang of planning around hunger so am less miserable)

New rules today

  • Registered as a helper in my local area on Change for Life
  • Completed a health questionnaire for me and the kids (I don’t have kids)

A brief aside – that questionnaire asked me to fill out my details and then those of up to four children. The website pre-filled the first child’s name field as ‘James’. I enjoyed imagining web designers from thoroughly good stock, sure that, as with any of the chaps they went to school, the estate’s firstborn would obviously carry the family forename.




One response

9 02 2010


Love your work.

I found it interesting that the stress rules found here;
give advice to take action and to review your lifestyle to see if you can identify any contributing factors (below). However, it appears that you have tackled all of these already through obeying the rules and it is only in doing so that stress has been triggered. Ha! The irony!

*eating on the run, or in a disorganised manner
*smoking, or drinking excessively
*rushing, hurrying, being available to everyone
*doing several jobs at once
*missing breaks, taking work home with you
*having no time for exercise and relaxation.

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