Day 6 – Driving

7 02 2010

Don't watch the road, watch this

OK, forget the tube, the train or any government website. This was a massive challenge. I’m down at my folks’ place in Dorset and we’ve been out for a meal. Given that I’m locked into 3-4 unit purgatory, I decided to drive home. No sense in anyone else missing out if I have to. We needed to complete a journey of 11.8 miles for which Google estimated 26 minutes. Simple eh?

You cannot imagine how hard it is to abide by every rule driving. Firstly I suddenly remembered all the things you were actually supposed to do. My head filled with information that I forgot about 20 minutes after passing my test at 17. All that crap about mirror, signal, manouevre, push and feed and hands at ten-to-two (which gets really tiring by the way.) Secondly it’s practically impossible to keep to the speed limit and look at the road. I found myself locked into some kind of Romanian orphan dance, my head moving consistently from dials to mirror to road to dials. Make the noises stop mummy.

I think it really made me realise just how exhausting it must be to have OCD. The sheer concentration required to make sure everything is just right and set to this or that level. Add in the fact that I was driving my Mum’s hairdresser-mobile which I don’t drive very often and I can certify that this was a tough experience. It took us about 45 mins to get home, I didn’t want to go near the speed limit so I had the maximum possible safety margin for inattention. I think some of the locals stuck behind me were proper pissed off. Or possibly just proper pissed.

Living in London I don’t drive regularly but I love it when I do. I’ve got a shitty car I don’t care about (taxed, insured and MOT’d, just in case you were wondering) so I rag it around and don’t pay that much attention. This evening made driving no fun at all. In fact stressful would be a better word. Fortunately I’ve had a great day so once I was out the car it was back to happy again.

A long walk and some tennis boosted up my calorie allowance so I didn’t have to starve myself. I’m sure it’s something you read week-in week-out in wimmin’s magazines but it’s quite a big deal psychologically. I’m watching the levels of various things so intently to make sure I don’t exceed them. Exercising makes the limits so far away that I really can relax a bit. Most bizarre thing today was being the last to finish my food. That NEVER happens.

The start of a permanent change? Probably not, I’m already planning some kind of mammon-esque feast of gorging for the 1st March. To quote Homer Simpson, ‘I want the most expensive thing on the menu, stuffed with the second most expensive thing on the menu’ and a pie, and some chocolate, and another starter and three brandies. Thanks.

Today’s stats:

Weight N/A – (Mum and Dad don’t have scales)

Body fat N/A – (Mum and Dad don’t have magic scales)

Frustration – 4

Infractions – 4.5 (I did, your honour, once exceed 30 miles an hour and I did sneeze without catching, killing and binning)

Wellbeing – 8 (Dizzy heights eh!? It is the weekend and I’ve had lots of fun. More challenges next week)

New rules today:

  • Advice from Sir Liam Donaldson to have two booze-free days a week.
  • Paid extra attention in a high risk road area for stags
  • Paid heed to the fact that this was an area liable to flooding



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