Day 8 – Fish

8 02 2010

Sustainable fish recommendations - there is no spoon

Monday and back to work. Got freezing cold walking to the office in the sleet. Not being able to keep up a consistent pace makes it a lot harder to stay warm. Every light seemed to be against me.

Having pretty much got to grips with the recommendations on calories and having accepted the grim fate of pedestrian crossings, I started to explore some different areas today. In between meetings and calls I flicked onto It’s like crack for rules on there.

I started by looking at the environment tab and quickly had to stop. Before I could navigate away I managed to rack up an astounding seven new rules within a minute. It made me think about the correlation between current affairs and rules. Who takes the lead in making them, the generally concerned of Reigate or the civil servants? Is it different for different topics? Is there some kind of tipping point that you could identify where enough people are talking about something to warrant rules and guidelines being made. Maybe you could cross tabulate press references to certain terms with rules created relative to those terms.

I was actually looking for something on fish. I’d always assumed you were supposed to eat three portions of oily fish per week but apparently that’s a myth perpetuated by The Daily Mail. You should eat one portion of ordinary fish and one portion of oily fish a week. I also know that fish stocks are in danger so I was interested to see if I could find the sort of rule contradiction between two government departments that would leave me walking in circles and slapping my head, rainman style. I scoured the internet but couldn’t find anything saying eat less fish from the government but plenty from the real world. I did find a report from the sustainable development commission highlighting how they were planning to look into reviewing the guidance from the FSA (food not money) about eating fish. This spectacular document referenced about ten official bodies or agencies, waxed lyrical about how everything was being done in coordination and in consultation with everyone and managed to say nothing of any use. It seemed a bit lily livered to me. It’s pretty clear what we need to do but rather than risk making itself look a twat, the government has decided the best course of action is to commit to looking into something, giving it a nice comfortable margin of faffing before it has to actually do anything. I’d link to that report but during the course of the day the link mysteriously transformed into several pages of the gibberish you see in the image above. It’s as if they’re watching…

Sustainable fish is great, I’m all over that but it only accounts for a small proportion of what you can buy in the shops and if you couple that with the guidelines on eating the right amounts of everything, it quickly starts to get difficult, mundane and terrifyingly expensive. All fun for me.


Weight 14st 4lb

Body fat 21%

Frustration – 7 (nothing specific, just a sort of lingering annoyance)

Infractions – 6.5 (2 suspended)

Wellbeing – 5

New rules today:

  • Took on board what I need to do to be an organic farmer
  • Two portions of fish per week (one oily)
  • Recycle all my batteries at my local recycling centre (presumably not the ones in use)
  • Buy energy efficient white goods
  • Check my car tyre pressure regularly (there it is again)
  • Take out weight from the back of the car
  • Use recycled products where possible
  • Eat unprocessed or lightly processed food (any more info than that!?)
  • Don’t eat Rootz large eccles cake
  • Don’t eat Heinz fruit custard baby food



2 responses

9 02 2010

What’s wrong with the rootz man??

9 02 2010

Contains hidden sulphur dioxide. Some people are allergic apparently.

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