Day 9 – Time

9 02 2010

It's all started to get a bit too much

Today was my first really busy day at work. I had stacks to do, loads of random interruptions and some complex admin. These do not mix well with rule abiding.

The first challenge was being late for a meeting. I needed to get back from Covent Garden to the office but would the pedestrian crossing gods play ball? No they would not. I got increasingly stressed. I’ve never felt that held back or constrained before. Even advertising was against me. Logging into the food tracker app I’m using, I saw a banner for the Health and Safety Executive encouraging me to take a ‘Slips and trips e-learning package’. They offer three options, one of which is a three hours long. If you need three hours to avoid slipping or tripping, surely you should have the right to walk or stand upright stripped from you in some kind of civic ceremony. I’ll be adding that to my list of things to do of course, alongside learning to dance with Diversity and a saturated fat test for the iPhone. (Delivered on the iPhone but for me obviously) I’ve now got some serious time to spend bringing myself into line and I’m feeling anxious about doing it all before the next wave comes along.

It was the first time I started to feel overwhelmed by the project. This isn’t even half way, how am I going to cope by week four? Once you start piling things on you realise just how much time is required to do it all. I spent over half an hour researching and logging my dinner. Ham, beetroot and cous cous. It’s not exactly exotic is it? Somehow I also managed to run right down on calories so had to leave a load of it in a bowl of portion complexity for tomorrow.

Some days I will start thinking about a rule I vaguely remember and look it up, but other days, like today, they just seem to assault me, jumping out of an ad or a news story, gradually taking over more and more of my daily brain space pie chart. I’ve really started to become aware of the amount of time I actually devote to fulfilling the requirements of a rule or spend thinking and worrying about complying with them. I’m starting to withdraw from doing anything lest I get it wrong or put myself in an awkward situation.

A friend sent me the HSE guidelines on stress and pointed out the irony that their recommended activities for avoiding it seem to be pretty much exactly the things I’m doing! There should be a word for that: Rules that, simply by coming into being, stimulate a directly opposite reaction to that which is desired. Suggestions anyone?


Weight 14st 2lb

Body fat 20%

Frustration – 6 (lateness was annoying but mostly just tired)

Infractions – 6.5 (2 suspended)

Wellbeing – 4

New rules today:

  • Read a series of new guidelines on internet safety
  • Tried to abide by HSE stress guidelines
  • Downloaded a saturated fat challenge on the iPhone



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