Day 13 – Excess all areas

14 02 2010

What light from yonder window breaks...

Day 13 – unlucky for some and a difficult day. It’s my second weekend within the project and this was harder than the last one.

During the week this challenge is tough but the routine nature of a weekday kind of helps. It’s really a question of fitting things into something I’m already doing. Without wanting to sound like I’m duller than you already suspect, I’m not likely to be doing that much that’s crazy or different during the week, so I’m not coming across a huge number of different and varied opportunities to break the rules. At the weekend however it’s much more difficult.

Today for example, I really wanted to sit and eat some kind of obscene breakfast encompassing all the major food groups, possibly piled up so that something crispy nestled atop something buttery. I wasn’t rushing off to work so the opportunity was there. Obviously I couldn’t do that. Later on I went out to see some friends, two of whom are moving to Australia. Once the initial interest from people in the project died off, I actually found it really hard to stick to one and a half beers. I really wanted to get drunk. Not provincial town centre drunk, just nice drunk.

Rob is English but his fiance is Australian and in the style to which I understand Australians are accustomed, they had been drinking since four. It was strange being the only sober person there. Everyone seemed to be really loud, to the point that I couldn’t really understand why they were shouting. I stayed late as it was good to see everyone but to be honest, I was a bit uncomfortable. It made me realise that I’ve actually been kind of cheating a bit. I’ve definitely been avoiding the things I’d normally do so that I’m not in danger of breaking the rules or having a bad time. I’m not actually living my life and coping within the boundaries, I’m changing to fit, reducing things down to a lower, less dangerous state. I really don’t want to do that permanently so I’m buckling down to get through the month. I don’t think I could actually live like this. Indeed, should anyone live like this? Is it good for you?

I’ve always been believer in the great phrase, ‘everything in moderation, including moderation’. If you don’t have a blow out once in a while you’d go mad. I’m also interested in how people view rules if they never break them. If you never go over the boundaries or test the edges, are you actually at more risk of making some kind of massive infraction? Isn’t that what happens to American kids? They are so starved of any access to alcohol that when they can finally buy it, they go nuts and give themselves alcohol poisoning. (If this were wikipedia this would be the point that someone puts ‘citation needed’) Fair enough but I do think that’s a really interesting area: Does always playing within the rules prevent us from understanding why they are there and does it put us at greater risk of harm from breaking them? Discuss. (Please continue on a separate sheet if necessary)


Weight 13st 12lb

Body fat 19%

Frustration – 5

Infractions – 6.5 (2 suspended) – That’s nearly a whole week without infractions.

Wellbeing – 6 (physically great but I felt like I was missing out today)

No new rules today




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