Day 14 – Half way!

14 02 2010

Let's hope it's not a train

It’s not going to be a long post tonight. It’s Sunday and I haven’t really done that much today.

Quiet days and minimal other humans make abiding by the rules very easy. I got up late, walked to the pub, watched rugby warm in the hazy glow of a pint of lime and soda and then came home and cooked dinner with my girlfriend. Neither of us could face a sickly evening in a restaurant with couples fawning all over/desperately ignoring each other so we made a tasty curry.

I did face the challenge of running out of calories though. I made a valentines breakfast that, when combined with lunch, left me a perilous 300 calories for dinner. On went the running shorts and pumpin’ early 90’s dance and out into the rainy, cold Sunday night I went to earn myself enough for our potato, cabbage and chick pea extravaganza.

It does pain me to admit it but being lighter seems to have made it much easier to run at pace. I don’t think my times are that much different but my legs are definitely feeling less rinsed at the end of a run.

So aside from feeling virtuous and a bit like Rocky in a montage as I ran across the park, I’m mostly excited because this is the half way point. I suppose if I wasn’t in a positive frame of mind I would be thinking, ‘Oh god, the same still to go’ but I am so this feels important. I’ve broken the back of this and can see the finish line.


Weight 13st 11lb

Body fat 18.4%

Frustration – 3

Infractions – 6.5 (2 suspended) – That’s nearly a whole week without infractions.

Wellbeing – 8 (running with nostalgic music will do it for you!)

No new rules today




One response

14 02 2010
Alastair Humphreys

well done! keep going!

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