Day 15 – Focus

16 02 2010

OK, you try comedy under this regime

After the high of yesterday and the halfway point, today was another tough one. I could feel my sense of commitment waning.

With that came a dangerous lack of focus. I repeatedly had to drag myself back from stepping off a curb and kept forgetting to enter the food I was eating. I also forgot to complete my recommended footcare regime. (It’s actually just washing my feet but it sounds less Stalinistic and ominous like that.) That’s a £100 fine right there, taking me up to £300. If I continue to fail at the same rate for the rest of the project, I’m staring at a £600 loss. It’s going to Headway, an excellent charity but it’s £600 all the same.

Often when I‘m having a low day I start getting more philosophical. Today I started thinking about why I want to do certain things, either within or not within the rules. Take drinking. I was out for a birthday meal with my girlfriend and some friends. Did I want to drink more wine because I actually wanted it or did I want to because everyone else was? I’d like to think that it was my own free will but having seen the impact of peer behaviour both through my work and to a lesser extent on this project I’m not so sure.

It was also a day where I realised how negatively I’m portraying things. I read back through this blog and talking about the rules I’ve always used words like ‘within, constrained, and under’. It does feel a bit oppressive and big brotherish.

It was with that thought in mind that I came across a link on titled ‘leisure’. Dreaming of a set of soviet style mandates for approved relaxation and recommended play, I explored. Sadly no such thing, some recommendations of good activities for the over 50s but nothing like the kind of constructivist ‘You will enjoy!’ posters I was after. I did find the Countryside code though. I was helpfully informed that the Countryside code was formerly called The Country code and that it was now being looked after by Natural England. Excellent and important news. All very interesting and I was particularly taken by the fifth part that encouraged me to ‘consider other people’. I wonder why there’s no equivalent for people in towns, an urban code. Surely that advice would come in more handy there?

I also found a set of guidelines on pensions. After taking an utterly useless quiz tool whose recommendations were essentially my entries read back to me, I was advised to review my arrangements ‘from time-to-time’. Delighted at the prospect of an alternative to ‘regularly’ I perked up. I was then encouraged to check with my IFA regularly. Ah well.

The last thing I found was a set of advice and responsibilities for tenants. I am one so I read on. Not because its 51 pages interested me but because the opening sentence said ‘you should probably read this’ – I loved that, if only more government material could be like that. You should probably avoid murdering your wife. OK then.


Weight 13st 10lb

Body fat 18.5%

Frustration 4 (Not really frustrated, just a bit low)

Infractions 7.5 (2 suspended)

Wellbeing 6

New rules today:

  • Check out my pension arrangements with the FSA (money not food) ‘money made clear’ website
  • Check my pension documents (will need to find them first)
  • Consider other people when in the countryside
  • Unblock the sink if it gets blocked
  • Turn off water if I’m away and there is a risk of burst pipes



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