Day 19 – Guest post

20 02 2010

A view from the better half

I’m nearly at the end of week three and the finishing line is in sight. I thought now would be a good opportunity to turn a post over to someone who’s having to cope with me during this challenge. My fiancé Liz.

Yet another evening has ended with me half cut and James stone cold sober. There is something hugely unsatisfactory to constantly be the drunk half in the relationship.

This morning we woke late and while I tumbled out of bed and rushed for the shower, James stated that he didn’t really feel any different and couldn’t really notice any big changes/ differences.  I was stunned;  ‘Project Guideline Obeying’ or ‘James’s Geeky Project’ has meant some big changes.  If not least to him, to me!

  1. Lack of any treats in the cupboard.  To be honest we are not big chocolate or crisps eaters. However all month the cupboard has been lacking in anything naughty. Even when we went out for my birthday meal I was dessert deprived. Of course I could have ordered my own, however the norm (before Project Geek Boy) was that James would order it and I would have a spoon (or five).
  2. Increase in journey time to work/ looking like a muppet on the side of the pavement or walking with a guy wearing a florescent armband. I think the previous line is explanation enough. I can leave James to wait for the green man, do the dinner shopping and by the time he has crossed the road, I am paid up and outside the supermarket.
  3. Sky Plus TV Planner incident. Last week I had a night in by myself, I excitedly grabbed the remote and got comfortable on the couch.   However the remote wasn’t working or was it the telly maybe. After some expletives and head scratching, I realised the TV was turned off at the mains. Not only the TV BUT ALSO THE SKY PLANNER.  So all the shows I had carefully programmed to record to watch in James’ absence had not been recorded.
  4. Using app during engagement dinner with parents.
  5. Skinny boyfriend.

To be honest I could go on although in actual fact, I suppose I am a bit jealous.  James has decided on his challenge and stuck to it. It takes willpower and dedication. Since we have known each other we have had an ongoing debate (argument) about the fact that James will cycle through red lights. However this project has gone to the other extreme.  What is interesting is that James is:

  1. Healthier
  2. Fitter
  3. Sleeps better
  4. Less stressed
  5. Thinner
  6. More alert
  7. More toned
  8. Clearer skin

All this, just from sticking to government guidelines for 19 days. That’s no bad thing. Maybe I should stop moaning and take a leaf out of his book.


Weight: 13st 8lb

Body fat 18.9%

Frustration 4 (Friday syndrome, really wanted to drink more this evening)

Infractions 9.5

Wellbeing 8

No new rules today




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