Day 20 – Going local

20 02 2010

Local rules for local people

Yesterday I made it through a second consecutive day without adding any new rules and to be honest I felt a bit guilty about it.

I set a clear strategy at the start that I would abide by any rule I knew and any that I became aware of, whether through exploring or by people sending me notice of them. The latter hasn’t really happened that much so it has been up to me to find new things. It’s a bizarre kind of masochism but just like the Max Moseley kind, I find I need it.

So I turned my attention to a new and unexploited area, local rules. Local rules are generally a fantastic source of fun. I’ve heard of all sorts like not being able to beat your rug in Lambeth on a Sunday or being able to legitimately shoot Welshmen in Chester. I wondered therefore what Islington could come up with. There’s obviously the unwritten rules like not admitting to voting for Boris Johnson but I was after some hard and fast written rules. Ideally in a selection of dusty leather bound tomes.

Lacking the motivation to go to the library or attend a council meeting I checked the web. Sure enough there was some good stuff. I’ve taken on some good advice on staying safe. I’ll no longer be using my earphones after dark which is going to make running a bit boring. That’s also going to be risky. I count on my earphones for their reflective band to make sure I’m adhering to pedestrian conspicuity guidelines when I’m not wearing the spacker band. I am bound to forget so I can foresee a fine coming this week.

On the subject of forgetfulness, you would need the memory of an elephant to cope with this challenge. I’m absent minded at the best of times but having filled my head with rules and regulations I’ll never adhere to again, all sorts of useful stuff has been pushed out. I’ve walked half-way to work without my computer twice now.

Whilst I was looking online I found out that to check out the Islington bye-laws I need to book an appointment at the local history centre. Local history? Has Islington banished rules to the past in order to become some sort of rule-free utopia!? I’ll definitely be adding some geek points by heading along if I can get an appointment. I wonder if they’ll let me in.

I also found a link to guidance on staying warm and well. It was admittedly for older people, but then I’m older than my brother so that sounds reasonable. Unfortunately the link didn’t work. I had a sneaking suspicion that this advice would contradict with the environmental advice about turning down the heating. That’s actually the third time a broken link has stopped me from finding a contradiction in government advice. If I were a conspiracy theorist…


Weight: 13st 11lb (That suggests a three pound gain since this morning – hmmm magic scales?)

Body fat 20.7% (Just ate a pizza)

Frustration 2

Infractions 9.5

Wellbeing 9 (Long run, loads of food and one beer that made me drunk – it’s a wild life)

New rules today:

  • Don’t wear earphones at night
  • Leave a light on and shut your curtains when you go out at night
  • Don’t be fooled by official-looking overalls or identity cards
  • Walk confidently and always have your door/car keys ready in your hand (time to strut!)
  • If you are using a cashpoint, try to use one in a busy area



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