Day 21 – the final lap

21 02 2010

Sometimes you're just meant to be together

It’s Sunday night and I’m into the final part of this challenge. I’m excited about the prospect of finishing but also apprehensive. A week is still a long time!

I’ve had another low key weekend. There were options for going out yesterday night but to be honest I bailed, partly through laziness and partly to avoid getting myself in any difficult situations. I did make a trip down to South London to visit my Goddaughter. Easy trip that one, South London is of course a lawless badlands. I’d forgotten how draining it was to drive paying so much attention to rules. Especially tough when you get thrown a set of road works or a kamikaze bus driver.

I also found out about some new rules on vehicle security. I actually noticed a poster at the roadside and then went online to find out more. I must be a media agency’s dream. Someone who pays close attention and takes action as a result of seeing outdoor ads! Anyway I learned that there are a series of things it’s recommended that I do to secure my vehicle. They involve etching, postcoding and using a steering lock. This presented an interesting dilemma. My car is so crap if I bought a marker pen to write my postcode on it I would have exceeded what was economically worth it. There’s no way I’m shelling out for that stuff. Two options then, either I sell the car or I make do with some kind of jerry rigged hash option.

I explored the options for selling. This project finishes in a week so selling it normally isn’t really an option. First off I’d have to find all those weird forms and then I’d probably have to clean it. It’s not June yet so that would be way too early. I did look at Although the thought of receiving a crisp £20 note for my trouble was briefly appealing, I didn’t think I could do that to the old girl.

Anyway, I like my car. It’s got good stickers and has character. We go back a long way. So the homemade option it is. I’ll use my bike D-lock and a piece of cable I think, that should do the trick. Liz’s engagement ring should be fine for the window etching. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Oh and after saying how worried I was about not being able to wear my earphones last night (they have a reflective strip so if I forget my spacker band I have another option) I managed to waltz out of the house with neither of them. Brilliant, that’s my chance of finishing under ten infractions out of the window and another £100 into the fine pot. £400 now. I also still need to speak to my GP friend about my government quiz diagnosis for depression and I need to book my appointment at the Islington local archives to check out the local bye-laws. It’s going to be a busy week!


Weight: 13st 10lb

Body fat 19.9%

Frustration 6 (driving, stupid breach and too much time inside)

Infractions 10.5

Wellbeing 7

New rules today:

  • Search online for ‘consumer direct’ to avoid becoming the victim of a scam (website is a bit of an assault on the senses!)
  • Etch VIN into windows
  • Mark postcode onto stereo in car
  • Use visible steering lock

Lots of security rules this weekend eh.




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