Day 24 – Avalanche!

25 02 2010

I need a metaphorical St Bernard and non-metaphorical brandy

I have a confession to make. I’m actually writing this post on Thursday morning. Technically Day 25.

There’s a simple reason why but it does raise a wider and more interesting point. I was uber busy at work yesterday. We’ve got loads of normal work plus pitch activity on so there’s not really any time to think during the day. Adding in screen breaks and then trying to eat something fast that I can record easily and doesn’t screw up my targets was tough. In addition I’m getting married in August so there’s various things to do. Last night we met up with the person doing our flowers. (Nic from Flowers by Eve, heartily recommended by the way.)

That basically meant that I had no time to write the blog but it also clearly meant that I didn’t have much time to do anything else. Whilst I was able to complete the basics I couldn’t get on with any of the things I need to do ‘regularly’.

I’m an unmarried 30 year old guy living with my girlfriend. How on earth would you manage to do this if you had kids?

Let’s say you have two kids, a husband and a wife in a household. (OK Guardian readers, you should just imagine three disabled lesbian mothers and a transsexual son) That could be four different nutrient requirements and 20 portions of fruit and veg to attend to. It would also mean monitoring the carbon footprint and home hygiene along with the sustainability and health for four people. This would simply not be possible. There aren’t enough hours in the day.

If these rules or guidelines are set, then the government has to expect that some people will be disappointed that they don’t hit them. How demotivating would that be? You’re working your socks off trying to be good and then you find out that you’re failing on almost every count! This begs the question of coordination. Should there be some kind of set amount of rules and guidelines offered by the government that is fixed. If you want to set a new one it’s one in, one out. No new rule without killing off an old one.

I think we’d probably all have more chance of doing what we’re supposed to if we had a smaller set of things to consider. Of course in the real world, ordinary people very rarely find these rules unless they make it into the press. The glory of ignorance!

So without a shred of irony in my tone, I have actually managed to add a shitload of new rules today. Details of the latest fun below.


Weight: 13st 11lb (last night but 13st 8lb this morning – three pounds overnight? Really)

Body fat 17.7%

Frustration 7 (Too busy for all this nonsense now. End welcome)

Infractions 10.5 (This will rise unless I’m careful. I forgot my spacker band and was only saved this morning by a reflective strip on my trainers. Later I’m going to have to wear my headphones for their reflective strip but not listen to music!)

Wellbeing 5 (All stress)

New rules today:

  • Put lids on pans when boiling stuff
  • If local food is not grown in unsustainably heated greenhouses then choose it, if it is then it can be equal to air freighting in carbon cost so no advice offered. (Great, that’s cleared that up then)
  • Buy seasonal fish
  • Buy Fairtrade labelled products (glad that one’s come in late, that’s going to be fucking pricy)
  • Take bags when I go to supermarket



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