Day 26 – Safe haven

27 02 2010

Weekends = no people, no traffic, fewer rules

Just two days to go now and both of those are weekend days. I can hole myself up inside and avoid any rule busting situations.

In 48 hours time I’ll be able to do whatever I like, whenever I like without any regard for rules and guidelines. Well actually I’ll probably be asleep as it will be midnight on Sunday but you know what I mean. I’ve had a flurry of people e-mailing and texting with last minute suggestions for tough rules. One friend has even tried to suggest I should be praying to Mecca five times a day.

I’ve been a bit apprehensive about what I’ll do when the project has finished to be honest. Having something to focus on has really helped me to get through a pretty dreary and uninteresting month. Maybe I should take something on every February as a diversionary tactic. I’m also aware that I will have to start re-engaging with the world now. I have to admit to having reduced my life down to a simpler state so I can avoid any run ins with things that it’s really tough to comply with. Bike rides just aren’t that much fun when you have to do what you’re supposed to for example.

I think I’ve come to see living within the rules as a sort of diversionary tactic. I’m no spring chicken anymore so mid-week boozing tends to hurt the next day. I think I’ve secretly wanted to avoid it for a while but this has given me the perfect excuse. You don’t get hassled if refusing a drink comes with a good story. I imagine the UK would be a strange place if all you heard after nine in pubs was ‘no thanks Dave, I’m on 3.5 units already and that shandy could take me over’.

It’s also quite nice having that warm, comforting blanket of not having to think for yourself. If ever there’s a question about what to do you’ve always got something to refer to, a guideline to tell you. At first I found it really weird being out of control but there’s definitely something about being able to submit and let yourself be guided. I can’t say I’ll want to continue like this after Sunday but it has definitely made me think about myself and the way I work with or relate to other people.

This all sounds a bit deep I suppose. All in all this has definitely been an enjoyable project but it’s very much the sort of thing that my friend Al Humphreys would use the phrase ‘It doesn’t have to be fun to be fun’ about. I’m looking forward to the end but am really pleased I’ve done it.


Weight: 13st 11lb

Body fat 17.5%

Frustration 5

Infractions 10.5

Wellbeing 7 (Mood has lifted as the weekend and the visibility of the end have come into play)

No new rules today. I rejected the five daily prayers as it’s not government mandated. Please feel free to add ‘yet’ if you’re a Daily Mail reader.




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